Young Chang

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HDC YoungChang (Hangul: HDC영창) is a South Korean manufacturer of pianos and industrial wood working machinery, headquartered in IncheonSouth Korea. Young Chang currently holds 50% of the South Korean piano market. The company is among the largest and most automated of the world’s piano manufacturers.

Young Chang had four manufacturing facilities as of 1999, three producing pianos and the fourth a sawmill producing wood for export from the United States. The sawmill was located in Tacoma, Washington and was established in 1991. Piano manufacturing took place in plants in Seoul and Incheon, South Korea, both established in 1964, and Tianjin, China, established in 1995. The company also maintained a research and development facility in Waltham, Massachusetts. The company’s Tianjin manufacturing site is run through subsidiary Tianjin Young Chang Akki Company, Limited, while the Tacoma sawmill is managed through subsidiary Young Chang America Timber, Incorporated.[1]: E–8 

As of the late 1990s, Young Chang, at the time known as Young Chang Akki Company,[1]: 3–1  was among the largest of the world’s manufacturers of pianos, alongside SamickYamaha and Kawai,[1]: xiii  and one of five multinationals producing pianos.[1]: 3–1  Young Chang reported sales in the United States, China, Canada, Korea and the European Union under its own brand.[1]: 5–14

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